Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EDIM 508 Intro Blog

Art As A Way of Life in the Primary School Art Room

·    Who are you and what do you do?
I am Valerie York, Art Teacher Extraordinaire at Appomattox Primary School in Appomattox, VA.
·    What is your primary goal for taking this course?
My goal is to bring what I learn immediately into my art room to become a facilitator of art, learning, and technology.
·    What is your philosophy of education?
Students will have the opportunity to enjoy, be safe, and excel in learning. They will be encouraged to be life long learners.
·    What do you see as the greatest benefit of using technology and/or digital media in the classroom?
Digital media enhances learning. Students need to use and adapt to technology because it is a huge part of their lives.
·    What is your biggest concern or challenge with using technology and/or digital media in the classroom?
Security, safety, and age appropriateness are concerns of mine in the use of digital media.
·    Provide an example of how you currently use technology and/or digital media in the classroom.
I currently use Artsonia, the largest online student art gallery, to display my students work, safely and permanently.
·    How does your classroom today differ from when you were the same age as your students?

I did not have art class with any regularity and supplies were limited. The lights in the classroom were the technology.
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  1. Hello, Valerie. Welcome to EDIM 508! I had to chuckle at your statement, "The lights in the classroom were the technology." :)

    1. Thanks for the comment and the welcome.I love that I have lots of windows and natural light in my classroom. The lights are on a timer in my room, my desk out of range, so I have to get up and move often if I am working by myself. So yeah, the lights are technology in my classroom.