Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Here's the Scoop- Young Artists Take Over Technology

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  1. Valerie,

    This looks like a fun mix of of articles, thanks for sharing! -Melissa

  2. First thing right off the bat was the article "What Makes Kids Creative? A Box or a Spaceship?" That happens to me at the start of every year. My projects are more creative and hands on and make the kids make choices. Here are some of my creatively challenged questions from this week.:

    What should my party have to celebrate Magellan's crew returning? (If I tell you then you are thinking about the time period and what is reasonable.)

    Where should I put the cliff on the island. The book doesn't say exactly. ( What does it tell you?) That it looks over the cove. (Where could the cove be on the island shaped like a dolphin?)

    This one I actually liked: So can I make up an explorer to ask King John to support his trip to Asia, or does it have to be real? (There were at least 50 exploration and they didn't give us all the names, please create your own.)

    The only time that I have relented and allowed the more straight forward project was with a former ESL student where I could see there was a cultural conflict in what I was asking for and what he was willing to do. Otherwise, creativity has them using higher level thinking skills that are so important.