Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Young Artists and Technology in the Art Room- A Work in Progress

Here's the a link to my Powtoon. The Catch-22 was I couldn't download my slide show if I wanted to keep my videos within my presentation and I couldn't save my videos in a Powtoon movie so I could download it. Of course it is a work in process and I need all the advice and help I can get.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I do have to click to advance as it is a slide show but when I watch it, I am able to view everything in order including the videos. I am pleased with the flow and placement. I hope it is the same for the viewers. Wow! There is a learning curve for animation no matter how easy they say it is. It was so much fun. I hope I got the hang of it and it is not a glorious oops.

Young Children in the Art Room: Do They Need Technology

I was having difficulty accessing my curation tool today (They are doing work on the site. I am always lucky this happens when I visit.)  I still need to edit. I have lots of sources that are not included in my Powtoon presentation but on topic. The first page of my curated topic is pro hands on art and the 2nd page is pro technology in art class.

I loved this video for Creativity:

Mr E Racer : on Creativity : The ARTS : Elementary art artshow presentation

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  1. In terms of style, I like it. As a project who's intent is to present and deal with a somewhat controversial topic, I think that controversy or issue needs to be stated up front. I also think you need to give more voice and attention to the "haters". Simply saying "haters gonna hate" doesn't really address their concerns. I think your advocacy ideas are good but I feel like the text only presentation lacks conviction. I'd rather you focus on fewer traits but expand them a bit more with your perspective and other examples. Referencing the videos with an image and speaking to their content might be better for this type of presentation.

    No question, the challenge of time and format make this a very different process than a paper might typically require. Keep in mind the goal is to have an artifact you can easily share and impact a broad audience. In your case, I can see many nay sayers wanting to either eliminate or ignore the use of technology in art. Try to address this group more directly. Unlike other topics that are less understood, you're dealing with a topic not difficult to understand but need to help people see the connection and value to a greater degree.